New Books 2013

EasyBib on Android

     School Library Journal is just filled with great news this month. Now, "the popular citation tool EasyBib is now available to Android users" ("EasyBib" 17). The great service is now available in the App Store!

"EasyBib on Android." School Library Journal. Vol. 58 No. 2 (2012): 17. Print.

Online Publishing

     In this month's School Library Journal is an article about websites where writers can easily publish their own ebooks. "An excellent tool for creating multimedia ebooks ebooks, Simple Booklet ( lets students authors combine text, images, videos, and audio files. ... Simple Booklet comes in commercial and education versions" (Byrne 16).
     "Mobi and ePub are the file formats used for publishing ebooks on Kindles and iPads respectively. 2EPUB ( is an excellent free tool that enables users to convert" different format "into ePub and Mobi" (16).
     Finally, the "free service dotEPUB ( allows you to convert the contents of a webpage into ePub or Mobi format to read on your device" (16)  It all sounds very exciting, doesn't it?

Byrne, Richard. "Classroom Publishing." School Library Journal Vol. 58 No. 2 (2012): 16. Print.